6H Skate Race


Check in 7.30-9.00 AM

One participant from the team can check in the team at Saturday august 08 2020 at 7.30-9.00 AM. At check in the team will receive

  • Bibnumbers for the participants
  • Chip for the participant


Parade 9.00 AM

Before the competition there will be a parade. All the participants and the audience have the opportunity to roller skate on the racetrack “Sjællandsringen”. No access without helmet.


The parade begins at 9.00 AM.  After the parade all the participants can skate on the racetrack until 9.30 AM. After this time, there is no entry to the racetrack before the competition.


Get ready 9.45-9.55 AM

At 9.45 AM it is time to get ready for the beginning of 6H Skate Race. Roller Skates are placed at the opposite side of the track and the participants gets ready behind the line. One participant from every team has to be ready with the depech at 9.55 AM.


Beginning 10.00 AM

At 10.00 AM the 6H Skate Race begins.


The first participant in the team has to run at least two rounds before it is allowed to make the first relay with a teammember.


Soloparticipants starts with their Roller Skates on and with a 30 seconds delay.


The Last relay 15.50 PM

Saturday august 08 2020 after 15.50 PM it is not alloved for the teams to make more relays. The participant on the track at this time, has to finish the race for the team.


Arrivel 16.00 PM

At 16.00 PM the racetrack closes for more rounds, but the member of the team isn’t finished before passing the finish line. The winning team in all categories are the team with the longest distance on the racetrack in the 6 hours. If two teams have skated the same distance, the winner is the team who crosses the finishline first.


This year there are 3 main contests, for who drive 6 hours long:


  • Team (2-6 persons)
  • Solo women
  • Solo men


There are also 3 more competitions for the teams, for whom it is 6 hours long:


  • Team with 3-4 participants
  • Team with only women
  • Team youth age 10-14 years


There are 5 competitions for the fastest lap:


  • Fastest woman
  • Fastest man
  • Fastest woman over 50 years
  • Fastest man over 50 years
  • Fastest on side-by-side /quad


And finally there is a competition for funniest outfit!