Rules 2020

6H Skate Race

”A challenge with friends”



6H Skate Race is organized by Greve Trim Skating, member of Danish Athletic Federation (DAF), Danish Sports Federation (DIF), Danish Gymnastics Federation DGI) and Danish Roller Skating Federation (DRsU).

General rules

The completion is a 6 hours skate race​​ in relay teams of 1​​ or​​ 2 to 6 skaters according to categories.


Sjællandsringen along 2,1 Kilometers, address Abildgårdsvej 17, 4000 Roskilde.





Browse the greatest possible distance in 6 hours by roller skates (except Solo category)


or simply to finish, becoming “Finisher”. This challenge friends, office colleagues, club etc.




Saturday August the 08. 2020


Departure: 10.00 H Saturday


Arrival: 16.00 H Saturday


Terms of Participation

Any commitment is firm and final. It involves the complete acceptance of these rules and can´t be refunded for any reason whatsoever.


Mode of travel

The shift mode remains exclusively in-line skating or quads.



Participants in the age 10-14 years can participate in the categori “Team youth” and must have a authorization from a trainee and their parents, Danish or foreign.


Participant are possible for all children in the age 10 -x in the categori 2 H race.


Minors must present a parental authorization.


Level participants

Each participant must master his or hers roller blades, brake and turn properly. The track is very wide. The race includes a small hill and turns (left and right).


6H Skate Race are NOT for beginners.


The referees have the right to stop any participant considered dangerous to others.


Runners are participating in the competition on their own and exclusive responsibility. The organization accepts no liability for accidents or consequential failure to ill health or failure related to equipment or individual technique.


It´s not allowed to be under influence of any kind of drugs or alcohol during the race.



Timing will be by electronic chips placed on front of the helmet to get registred.


In case of loss of a chip, the timing cell will provide you with a new as soon as possible.



The relays…and the shift between two participants on the team must be done bynavn touch or push before the participants goes out on the track.


Teams are free both in order of the relay socket of each team and the number of consecutive rounds that each team member can perform.


Notice that the first member of the team has to do minimum of two rounds before relay. After 15.50 it is not allowed to do any relay on the team.



The relay zone is marked.


This “relay area” bounded is exclusively reserved for competitors with a helmet and their pair of roller skates.


Jury, referees and complaints

The official Jury is composed of a “referee” whose decision is final. It is assisted by race judges appointed by the national race committee of the Danish Roller Skates Federation. In case of dispute on the sports part of the settlement, only race judges are entitled to an opinion.


In case of technical problems or physical of a team member on the track, only the race judges can authorize the next crew to resume the race from the relay zone. This will give the chip of the crew who abandoned the team.



All the members of a team must wear the same body outfit (T-shirt or other) during the event.


Helmet use is mandatory on the track during the entire course of the event.


Anyone without a helmet on the track will immediately be disqualified. The team will be given a penalty of 10 minutes.



The bib must be worn on the back and hung legibly with a minimum of 4 pins.


The judges reserve the right to temporarily stop anytime a competitor whose start number is incorrectly positioned or not readable.


It is prohibited to duplicate and bend the number. Remember to take safety pins (4 minimum) to properly attach the bib.


Computer file

Each participating states agree to appear on a computer file.


Each participating can exercise his or hers right to correct any information concerning and contained on this file.


The organizer undertakes not to distribute this file.


Due to the acceptance of these rules each participant transfers indefinitely and without charge to the benefit of the organizer, the rights to use image capture as part of the organizer of activities for reproduction by any means and on all media known and unknown to date.


Modification / neutralization / cancellation

In case of force majeure, natural disasters, weather conditions, health problems (eg. pandemic) or any other circumstance, including endangering the safety of competitors, the organizer reserves the right to change the schedule of departure or arrival, cancel or neutralize the race without competitors, partners and providers to claim and refund.



The first 3 teams in each category are called to the podium. No prize will be awarded in the absence of the team on the podium.



Categori Numbers Rules
Solo gents 1 Minimum 14 years
Solo ladies 1 Minimum 14 years
Team inliners 2-6 Minimum 14 years
Team youth 2-6 Age 10-14 years



6H Skating Race
Categori Before 30.1.2020 Before 30.4.2020 Before 30.7.2020
Solo gents 350 dkr. 400 dkr. 450 dkr.
Solo ladies 350 dkr. 400 dkr. 450 dkr.
Team inliners 250 dkr. Pr. pers. 300 dkr. pr. pers 350 dkr. pr. pers
Team youth 250 dkr. pr. Pers. 300 dkr. pr. Pers 350 dkr. pr. pers


How to registre

All entries are made ONLY on our website www.6Hskaterace.dk before August the 1 2020.


Price includes

  • Access to Sjællandsringen
  • Parade Hiking
  • Participant in 6H Skate Race
  • Finisher present
  • Rent of chip
  • Bib number
  • Free participant in hiking tour on roller skates august 09. 2020 with Greve Trim Skating


Insurance are NOT included.